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How We Work

Our formula is simple, our method is effective.

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We are different.

Listening to and understanding your needs, we work together to define your marketing goals.

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Proportioned to

Achievement is equal to effort.

Providing you with the right talent for any job, we strive to find the best solution for you.

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Product of all values

Great results are the product of our values.

Ensuring success through comprehensive reporting and metric sharing.

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Golden Ratio

Finding the right balance.

We deliver perfect solutions, spending strategically in areas where amazing results happen.

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Endless evaluation and improvement.

We constantly assess progress and analyse results, building trust and setting up for the future.

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The sum of

The X Value.

Finding the X value. We help you showcase your value and stand out from the crowd.

Finding the right balance

We deliver effective solutions that constantly result in our clients' success.

Whatever the business, we work towards one mission: transforming fresh ideas into brilliant campaigns that deliver results.

The X Co. was born from experience.

After all, our co-founders, Charlotte and Kris, have decades of it.

For Charlotte, that means over 20 years of strategic leadership experience. Building meaningful relationships and spinning brand stories into marketing gold, she’s the kind of agency leader and independent expert that clients trust with their professional lives. 

And for Kris, it means blue-chip brilliance. Developing sales networks and growing big-name brands, his experience in senior roles and consultancy work have seen him consistently deliver effective results time and again.

But that was then. The X Co. is now. And we’re here to bring our experience to life.

From story to strategy, concept to campaign. The X Co works with you to enhance every aspect of your brand.

Our Team

Laura McGowan

Marketing Manager

Paul Welsh

Graphic Designer

Sammy Dawson

Executive Assistant

Rachel Higham

Executive Assistant

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