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Assisting Style Matters in the expansion of the brand from Commercial into the Residential Sector.


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Style Matters, a prestigious luxury furniture brand based in Cheshire, renowned for their impeccable furnishing projects, including iconic establishments like Soho Farmhouse, The Ivy, and The Tawny. At The X Co, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to support Style Matters as they venture into the residential sector, expanding their brand presence and solidifying their position as a market leader.

Our collaboration with Style Matters has been driven by a comprehensive new brand strategy designed to seamlessly introduce them to the residential consumer market. With a rich portfolio of luxury projects, Style Matters possesses the expertise and craftsmanship that resonate with discerning homeowners seeking exceptional furnishings for their residences.


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As part of this transformative journey, Style Matters will be launching a brand new residential website in August 2023. We are proud to partner with them, assisting in the development of their brand and sub-brands, ensuring they effectively communicate their unique value proposition to residential customers.

At The X Co, we believe in a holistic approach to brand development, and our collaboration extends beyond physical spaces. We will actively manage Style Matters’ social media and communications, curating engaging content that captures the essence of their brand and captivates their target audience. Through strategic messaging and impactful communication, we aim to secure Style Matters’ position as the leading choice for luxury furnishings in the residential sector.


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The journey ahead is one filled with excitement and growth, and we are committed to walking hand in hand with Style Matters every step of the way. Our team at The X Co is driven by a shared passion for creating extraordinary brand experiences and driving remarkable results for our valued clients.

As the August 2023 launch approaches, we eagerly anticipate unveiling the new Style Matters brand to the residential consumer market. Together, we will set new benchmarks for excellence in luxury furnishings and carve a legacy as a true market leader in the industry.



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