Chester Zoo
Experience Day


the background

After the success of our previous collaboration on the wedding content and brochure for The Oakfield, Chester Zoo invited us back for another exciting project. This time, they wanted us to help promote their new exclusive experiences, such as feeding the giraffes and washing the elephants. We were thrilled to be part of this adventure and couldn't wait to get started!

We organized a two-day content shoot that was packed with action and fun. With 2 videographers and 3 photographers on board, we set out to capture the magic of over 10 different experiences in various areas of the zoo. We coordinated a diverse group of over 40 models, including enthusiastic children, to participate in the shoots. The goal was to capture a wide range of images and videos that would bring these unique experiences to life.

what we did

Creative Direction
We organised a 2-day shoot, using 3  photographers and 2 videographers and 40+ models. We also invited social media influencers to help promote the experiences to their followers.
Content Shoot
We had three simultaneous photoshoots across the zoo, along with two videographers filming. We also with zoo staff to shoot over 10 experiences across the zoo.
Social Media
We edited and sized content for use across various media, and helped in the launch of Experiences at Chester Zoo on their official instagram.

the results

The shoot was a resounding success! We gathered a treasure trove of stunning images and videos that Chester Zoo can now use across their social media, website, and print materials. We’re proud to have played a part in showcasing the incredible offerings of Chester Zoo and look forward to more exciting projects in the future.

And guess what? Chester Zoo couldn't have been happier with the content produced and the exclusive experiences have turned out to be a massive hit, selling out quickly and delighting visitors. Now that's what we call a roaring success!

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