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the background

Okay, picture this: Chester Zoo came knocking, and they had a special request – they wanted to showcase their stunning wedding venue, The Oakfield, in all its glory. Nestled at the heart of the zoo, this place is steeped in history and charm, with its intricate wood panelling, vintage photos, and garden views setting the scene for unforgettable vows.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work, kicking things off with a content shoot extravaganza. Three shoots in one day – can you believe it? We captured every nook and cranny of The Oakfield, along with the zoo's picturesque surroundings, and let's not forget about the mouthwatering food for their wedding menu. We organised the models, stylists, makeup artists – the whole shebang!

what we did

Creative Direction
We organised a full content day shoot, including models, makeup artists and stylists, and F&B offerings, all taking place with strict COVID regulations.
Content Shoot
We had three simultaneous photoshoots across the zoo, with two mock weddings, and an F&B shoot. Video content was also collected throughout the day.
Brochure Design
We designed a brand new brochure showcasing the venue, using existing brand elements with new inspiration and flourishes inspired by the history of the zoo.

the results

Once we had all those stunning shots in the bag, it was time to get creative with the brochures. We wanted to pay homage to The Oakfield's rich history while giving it a modern twist for all those lovebirds out there. We whipped up a brand new logo for Chester Zoo weddings, sprinkled in some hand-drawn floral goodness, and put together a brochure that showcased the venue and all the amazing wedding packages on offer.

But we didn't stop there! We lent a hand with sprucing up Chester Zoo's wedding page on their website to match the vibe of the brochure.

And guess what? Chester Zoo couldn't have been happier with the brochure. It's been a hit, helping them fill up their wedding and events calendar for miles down the road. Now that's what we call a roaring success!

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