Green Mortgages


the background

Green Mortgages came to us with a tight deadline – with a change in ownership, they needed a fresh start. We put our thinking caps on and dove straight into a brainstorming session, hashing out potential names and visions for the future.

We cooked up three different name and brand concepts and tossed them their way. After some back-and-forth, they fell head over heels for "Green Mortgages" – and off we went!
Once the new brand name was confirmed, we got down to business, refining the concept and whipping up a brand deck and guidelines that screamed "Green Mortgages". We then needed to hit the ground running on a shiny new website, complete with all the bells and whistles. We even jazzed it up with extra weekly content and blog posts to keep things fresh and engaging for their audience. We also took the reins on their social media, pumping out new content and throwing in some quirky videos to show off their personality on TikTok and Instagram.

And because we're all about making waves, we helped Green Mortgages kickstart an awareness campaign right in the heart of Chester. We designed packaging boxes, leaflets, and business cards, and threw in some eco-friendly goodies – think energy-efficient lightbulbs and bamboo toothbrushes – to get folks talking about energy efficiency and its impact on mortgages.

what we did

Brand Deep Dive
We first held a brand deep dive day, learning about the client, exploring naming ideas and plans for the future.
Brand & Content
We got to work bringing the brand to life through the new branding and additional social media content.
Web design & dev
We designed and built a brand new website from scratch, simplifying the mortgage process from enquiry to conversion.

the results

The best part? Green Mortgages absolutely adored the work we churned out. And get this – they've welcomed over 25k users to their website in just one year. Now that's what we call a success story!

We're here to turn your ideas into reality. If you're itching to give your brand a makeover or need some digital magic, we're just a click away. Let's make some design dreams come true together!
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