Dr Raj Acquilla


the background

Collaborating with the esteemed Dr. Raj Acquilla has been nothing short of extraordinary. It's been our privilege to showcase the exceptional skills and expertise he brings to the aesthetics industry. Together, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey aimed at amplifying the true value of Dr. Acquilla's remarkable work and catering to his discerning clientele.

Our mission was clear: to create a brand design that oozes style and premium appeal, reflecting the sophistication of Dr. Acquilla's services and his team. His endorsement speaks volumes – "I cannot recommend The X Co. highly enough," he says, "they have completely transformed our business."

what we did

Full Rebrand
We undertook a full rebrand of Dr Raj Acquilla's brand, with a new logo and brand book to showcase style and a premium feel.
Web Design
We designed two websites, one for aesthetics customers and an advanced online learning portal for aesthetics doctors to learn from Dr Raj.
We created a range of branded print documents, from brochures and leaflets to business cards and certificates for a solid brand across all medium.

the results

One of the highlights of our collaboration was the launch of the revamped technical platform, Summit. From meticulous planning to seamless execution, every step was meticulously crafted. We revamped user experience, migrated existing customers, and ensured every touchpoint left a positive impression. The overwhelming success of the Summit online community is a testament to our strategic approach and Dr. Acquilla's global resonance.

At The X Co, we're proud of our partnership with Dr. Raj Acquilla and our role in propelling his brand to new heights. Our commitment to excellence in design and branding has solidified his position as a world-renowned expert in facial aesthetics.

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