Style Matters


the project

We had the pleasure of teaming up with Style Matters, a brand renowned for their bespoke furniture and seating. They approached us to create a brand new website that would beautifully showcase their incredible range of products. In addition to the website, they wanted engaging video content to highlight their best projects and provide a glimpse inside their factory to showcase their meticulous process.

We set out to design and develop a stunning new website for Style Matters. The goal was to create an online platform that not only showcased their bespoke furniture and seating but also reflected their brand's elegance and craftsmanship. To complement the website, we produced a series of high-quality videos. These videos featured some of their best projects and provided an insider's look at their factory, capturing the intricate process behind their custom furniture.

what we did

Content Production
We visited the Style Matters factory, and produced footage showcasing the work that goes into the stunning furniture, as well as visiting clients to film projects and get valuable testimonials.
Web Design
We designed a brand new website, showcasing the full range of Style Matters furniture, with over 500 furniture projects organised and displayed on their incredible site.
Social Media
We also assisted with new styling for social media and email campaigns to ensure their maintained a strong digital presence across all touchpoints.

the results

The new website we created for Style Matters has truly elevated their online presence. With a sleek design and user-friendly interface, it beautifully showcases their range of bespoke furniture and seating, attracting new clients and delighting existing ones. The video content added an extra layer of engagement, allowing visitors to see the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every piece. 

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