Wild Juice Co.


the background

We teamed up with the awesome ladies over at Cheshire Catering group to give their Wild Juice Co. a fresh new look that vibes perfectly with their other brands, Wild Retreats and Around the Table.

First things first, we dove headfirst into what makes Wild Juice Co. tick. We chatted with the gang, figuring out their vision and all the juicy details - like their favourite colours, images that make them go 'wow', and the vibe they wanted to share with the world.

Next up, we whipped up some logo options – three to be exact. We wanted to give them choices, you know? After a bit of back-and-forth, we landed on a winner.
Once the logo was locked in, we went full steam ahead, creating a whole brand package. We're talking new colours, snazzy image styles, and fonts that scream "Wild Juice Co." We even threw in a social media kit to jazz up their online presence – icons, story covers, the works.

But wait, there's more! We whipped up some cool video footage to spice up their website and social media. Oh, and let's not forget about the packaging labels, leaflets, and a slick brochure – because who doesn't love a good brochure, right?

And the cherry on top? A brand-spanking-new website, fully integrated with Stripe and WooCommerce so they could show off their products in style.

what we did

Brand Deep Dive
We first held a brand deep dive today to discover more about CCG and their ideas for Willd Juice Co.
Brand & Content
We got to work creating a cohesive brand bring the juices to life, along with additional social content and print.
Web design & Dev
We designed and built a brand new website from scratch, to showcase the delicious organic juice products.

the results

And guess what? The gang loved their new branding and accompanying pieces, and their Wild Juice Co website has welcomed thousands of happy new visitors since its launch. So, if you're ready to shake things up and leave a lasting impression, hit us up!

We're here to turn your ideas into reality. If you're itching to give your brand a makeover or need some digital magic, we're just a click away. Let's make some design dreams come true together!
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