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Marketing & Strategy

We’re firm believers in looking ahead and planning for a successful future. This is why we work alongside businesses to help define their objectives, putting effective strategies in place to achieve their goals.

Brand identity is fundamental to the way your company is perceived by its audience. It impacts the way it communicates, behaves and interacts with the world. We understand how vital this is to your business and work with you to carefully develop and protect your perfect brand.



When executing the most effective marketing campaigns, every step of the customer journey must be carefully considered. We deliver comprehensive online and offline planning to ensure that our clients can both recruit and retain customers for their business.

Our team of digital specialists understand how to develop materials for your online arena, integrating every aspect of your brand’s visual presence. The result is solutions that aren’t just optimised, scalable and compliant across the digital realm, they are also consistent with every other manifestation of your brand – no matter where they appear.


Social Media

Engaging your audience is key to your brand’s digital future. Our social media services help establish your online brand and create real connections for success. We can help grow your audience, engage your community and manage your online reputation, focussing our efforts on all of the leading social platforms and constantly assessing new channels to promote your brand.

It’s no surprise that video and motion graphics are at the heart of many brand campaigns. Time and again, they effectively deliver success and engagement. Our teams create powerful videos and animations that tell stories, carry messages and most importantly, deliver results.

Video & Motion


Vivid imagery enhances your content – bringing your brand to life. Our photographers understand how to ensure your message lies at the heart of each image – whether online or offline – providing you with a unique and ownable visual presence.

Technology might evolve at breakneck speed, but words remain pivotal to virtually every successful marketing campaign. The X Co team includes talented copywriters with decades of experience in deploying killer verbs, nouns and taglines to effectively enhance any project.


PR & Reputation Management

Our skilled team has a wide variety of PR experience, from B2B and financial services through to huge consumer campaigns. Integrating our PR into your brand strategy, we ensure that messages are interpreted in the right way, whilst our reputation management services build your brand and minimise the negative impact should problems arise in print or online.

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